Here is a list of the sites I get my stuff from.

I will not list them if the services or parts are bad. ( yes I have removed some already )


SLP Engineering Web Site  - Forum is a good place to get info
SLP Online Site - Where to get the SLP stuff cheapest and ONLY Place to get SS options stuff replaced. - Forum is a good place to get info
TByrne Motorsports - Great Mods place
Summit Racing - Great Mods place
California Car Cover - SS Bra Make sure that you tell them you have a 4th gen SS
BMR Fabrication - Strut Tower Braces
SpeedFreaks - Great Place for Colored wiring harness tubing
Vengence - Only place I would recommend to take your FBody
FastToys - Another place to get mods
Thunder Racing - Where I am getting their Stage II Heads and 224/561/114 Cam.
Harlan Engineering - Home of the Harlan Shift Light
AfterThoughts - Where I got the Windstop
FORUMS - LS1Edit files and forum ( very good if you are going to tune your own f-body, vette, holden or now GTO ) - Another great  place for getting tuning info on the ls1/ls6