TR224/.561/112LSA Install

Completed Week of Mods: FLP LT Headers, TR 224 CAM, Rev Double Springs, TI retainers, TR PushRods

Lower Airbox & MAF removed 1

Lower Airbox & MAF removed 2

Lower Airbox & MAF removed 3

Coil packs and Rain Drain removed

Valve Covers off 1

Valve Covers off 2

Valve Covers off 3

Valve Covers off 4

Removing Rockers & Springs

Comparing Springs

Big Difference from Stock and Rev Double Springs

Comparing Stock & TI Retainers

Comparing Stock & TI Retainers

Comparing in the Engine

Taking out the old putting in the new

Drivers Side Done

Another View of Drivers Side Done

Starting on passenger side Springs

Darn last ones a B!tch

Passenger Side Done

Removing the Rest to get to CAM

Radiator Out

Side view of Radiator Out

Timing Cover Off

Parts Layed out in Garage

Lining everything up to make sure its all there

Showing Magnets holding Valves

Passenger Side magnets holding Valves

CAMs Compared

Stock vs TR224

Close up of CAMs

Stock vs TR 224/.561/112lsa

TR224 going in

Lotsa assembly greas

TR224 almost in

TR Pushrods

Pushrods and rockers in

Yellow Valve Covers

Cleaned and Painted to match the rest in the engine bay

Valve Covers on

Valve Covers On another View

Valve Covers On another View 2

Coil Packs going on

Coil Packs On

Almost Done

Rain Drain and lower Airbox on

Radiator too

Comparing Engine bays

Just making sure everything looks the same.

Big Freaking Spider

A guest tried to join the CAM install.

Broken Seat :(

Luckily it did NO DAMAGE at all to the engine